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Hi There,

We're Kleer.

We believe modern skincare should actually…care.

About sustainability, inclusivity, and compassion. About the ingredients it uses, the partners it chooses, and the uniqueness of every skin type and tone.

It should care about fearlessly innovating to deliver comfort and confidence for all with a clean, vegan, cruelty-free solution designed to make everyone feel seen.

Modern skincare should care about making a difference. And that difference is…Kleer.

Our Story

We wanted safer skincare for all. So we went out and made it.

When our co-founders, Kriston and Samuel, were preggers with their first born, they had a hard time tracking down a skincare solution that was gentle enough for Kriston’s sensitive skin and safe enough that it wouldn’t put the baby at risk.

That’s when they decided to do something about it. They teamed up with a gifted chemist, got to work, and just like that, Kleer Brand was born.

What We Use

Sensitive solutions for sensitive skin

Unlike some, we didn’t get into the skincare game to cater to a select few. We wanted to develop safe, ethical skincare that could work for everyone, regardless of skin type, tone, or age.

Our plant-powered formulas are made with ingredients from around the world. We make it a point to avoid anything that could harm your skin or the environment, and we take pride in avoiding animal testing all together.

What we use

How We Do Our Part

Hey, Mother Nature is sensitive, too.

We want to do our part to protect her. That’s why we make the extra effort when it comes to sustainability.

No trees are cut down to make our paper products. We only use 100% recycled material in that department.

Our tubes and pumps are made with Post Recycled Plastic (PCR), including salvaged ocean waste plastic.

Our stationary products are made with recycled cotton from old t-shirts.

And we’ll always be looking for more ways to give back.

Crave Stillness

Standards aren’t the only thing we’re raising.

At Kleer, we believe in working together to make a difference in skincare and beyond. 

Read more about how we’re making an impact.

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